Business Planning and Strategy

A comprehensive and thorough Vision to Action (V2A) business approach, which provides a cohesive Integrated Activity Plan (IAP), by making key strategic choices and by connecting and synchronising sales and marketing plans together.

It is worth to highlight the following:

    1.  We allocate special focus on both Consumers and Customers. The end in mind is the Consumer, but we reckon that execution excellence is imperative. This means that we have to approach customers effectively and efficiently in order to be able to deliver outstanding results.
    2. We synchronise Consumer Plans and Sales Plans in terms of aim, content and timing. This will bring the maximum impact.
    3. The whole approach is Action oriented. It goes through Vision, Business Goals and Core Consumer Challenge, to Jobs To Be Done and Key Activities Overviews in a concrete way, including activity description, concept, timings, scope/scale, execution and KPIs.
    4. Key Activities Evaluation is a vital part of our approach, in order to maximise Return On Investment (ROI) and sharpen effectiveness and efficiency of activities mid term and long term.
      We provide the framework of analysis, in order to measure progress, learn, improve and make the right choices. 
    5. We provide Risk and Opportunities assessment together with What-If scenario analysis for growing the confidence and readiness of our business partners in relation to what will happen, if basic assumptions of business plan take place.
      We also include a Stretched Plan for giving to the business the opportunity to accelerate at maximum speed and know what it means and what it takes.
    6. We examine and analyse current Business Processes, Structures, People and Capabilities in order to be able to include and propose a thorough Winning Framework in the years to come.