Customer Development Strategies

It is deeply inherent in our culture to pay particular attention to the customer base of our clients. Who they are, how they perform, how we manage, etc.

Consumer is in the center of mindset, but we must achieve perfect execution of our commercial plans at the level of point of purchase, in order to deliver outstanding results and outperform competitors.

In this context, we define and connect the following:

    1. Understand the Market Place
      • Route-to-Market
    2. Brand Strategy
    3. Define Commercial Strategy and Planning
      • Channel highlights
        • Segment Attractiveness and Company’s Ability to Win
        • Identification of Key Priority Segments
        • Prioritisation of Sales Drivers by Key Priority Segment
      • Link channel strategy to long term strategy development and brand plans
      • Channel segment planning
        • Analytical Commercial Calendar
      • Execution planning
      • Customer development strategy and plans linked to channel strategy and channel plans
      • Evaluation and tracking
    4. Execute and Track