Coaching, Mentoring and Interim Management

Our multi year experience in senior executive roles within world class multinational organisations, together with our passion to develop high caliber people and High Performing Teams, guarantee a high level of Mentoring and Coaching services.

Our Aim is to unlock the potential of the executives to maximise their own performance. We help them to learn, rather than teach them. We more motivate them to bring their own expertise to a situation, than to tell them what to do.

We help them to GROW, by calling them to set the Goals in a particular situation, understand the Reality, examine the available Options to cope with it and set the Way forward.

We develop High performing Teams (HPT), by building blocks of high performance through Clarity, Communication, Co-operation and Confidence. We challenge constructively the mindset with the following sequence:

  • Aim           : what do we want to achieve and why?
  • Situation  : resources, constraints and ideas
  • Plan           : options, decisions and the plan
  • Inspire      : inform, inspire and implement
  • Reinforce : lead by example and action
  • Evaluate   : measure progress, feedback, learn and improve

We provide Interim Management services upon request.