Revenue Growth Management

We apply Revenue Growth Management (RGM) in order to sharpen the commercial approach and make it effective and efficient in order to grow and maximise the Gross Profit of business.

RGM is particularly important and useful especially in mature markets for any type and size of organisation. It fits very well to small and medium size companies which show a relatively low transparency in their commercial approach, but also in new business development projects and startups, as it provides a clear and rational base, upon which we can build and develop the business from the very beginning in a healthy way.

In this context, we apply a Gross Profit Accelerator model (GPA), in order to analyse and provide the following:

    1. Market Highlights
    2. Business Performance Highlights
    3. Pricing
    4. Trading Terms (contractual and non-contractual)
      • Definitions
      • Transparency and Conditionality
      • Effectiveness and Efficiency
    5. Promotion Evaluation
      • Review effectiveness and efficiency
    6. Mix of Sales in terms of channels, customers and brands
    7. Distribution/Assortment per channel, customer and brand
    8. GP Opportunities Identification
      • Pricing
      • Trading Terms
      • Promotion
      • Mix of Sales
      • Distribution
    9. Action Plan