Execution Excellence at the Point of Purchase

” To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions.” Steve Jobs

The way from the creation of the idea to its transformation into practice and real successful business is long and passes through great strategy and brilliant execution.

Having worked for many years in World Class Selling multinational companies, we are keen advocates of execution excellence at the point of purchase. In order to achieve excellent execution, we analyse four areas:

  • People and Capabilities
    Review and sharpen Sales Organisation in terms of structure, key people/talent, performance review systems and development plans and training programs.
  • Sales Processes
    Review and sharpen selling system, forecasting, sales planning process, customer marketing role, structure and services, key account management and field management practices.
  • Sales Drivers
    We focus on 6 drivers of sales growth with different intensity and mix, depending on industry, channel, outlet type and brand. The drivers are:

    1. Availability
    2. Visibility
    3. Quality
    4. Promotion
    5. Advocacy
    6. Pricing
  • The Commercial Way
    We work on a systematic 9 steps approach to Win at the Moment of Purchase:

    1. Shopper and Consumer Insights
    2. Market Segmentation
    3. Picture of Success (Execution Excellence)
      • How we perceive and how we measure perfection at the point of purchase
    4. Coverage Plan
    5. IT tool
    6. Training and Change Management
    7. Picture of Success/PoS Scorecard (Measuring Execution)
    8. Incentive System
    9. Target Setting and Routines

The 9 step Way is aligned with overall business objectives and plans. It is comprehensive and systematic. But at the same time it is lean and mean, in order to make it meaningful and user friendly to Sales.